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1 Year Stronger

On the 1 year anniversary of the Tubbs Fire we gathered as neighbors for a block party to commemorate the occasion and to celebrate the friendships, strength and resilience that has grown in our community.  In the years since the fire neighbors have commented about the special bond our community has developed.  Prior to the fire many people didn't know their neighbors, now we come together frequently for block parties, open houses, Taco truck dinners and holiday parades.  The close community we have built from the ashes of what we lost is truly the silver lining to our darkest days.  

The 1 year anniversary also marks the beginning of the Larkfield Resilience Funds journey to help our community recover.  We launched our nonprofit at this event and have used the time since to assist our community with tree replanting, perimeter fencing, sewer upgrades, emergency preparedness plans, and roadside vegetation and landscaping projects.  

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