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Regreening Larkfield

A single tree can bring so much hope after a disaster.

In 2005, following the devestation of Hurricaine Katrina the Arbor Day Foundation created the Community Tree Recovery program to provided much needed trees to the Gulf Coast.  Since then the program has quickly grown to assist communities worldwide get trees to plant in the wake of wildfires, tornados and floods.  We have been so fortunate to work with the Arbor Day Foundation and the Community Tree Recovery team not once, but twice to provide rebuilding families with free trees.  In April of 2019 FedEx sponsored 320 15 gallon trees, mulch and stakes.  Families could choose from October Glory Maple, Purple Leaf Plum and Chinese Pistache trees.  International Paper sponsored an additional distribution of 1,350 5 gallon trees in  September 2019.  Families were happy to see a huge variety of trees to choose from including Pink Lady Apple, Crepe Myrtle and Costal Live Oak among several others.  

On both occasions we witnessed the overwhelming sense of hope and healing these trees provided to our community.  These trees serve as a symbol of our resilience and will be our communities legacy for generations to come.  


September 2019 funded by: 


April 2019 funded by: 

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