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    Neighborhood    Greening Project

Photographs of planted Neighborhood Greening Project trees.  

Mature growth walnut, redwood and flowering crepe myrtle trees were a beautiful feature of the yards that lined our streets.  Sadly, none of these trees survived the 2017 firestorm.  The loss of these trees was an unexpected source of grief for many neighbors.  Therefore, replacing the tree canopy is crucial to increasing the quality of life for returning families along with restoring the native habitat. 

Our Neighborhood Greening Project provides rebuilding Larkfield-Wikiup homeowners with a voucher redeemable for a large 24-inch boxed tree and delivery.   Homeowners can choose from over 60 species of trees to fit their style and landscape requirements.  To date the Neighborhood Greening Project has provided over 270 families with free trees.  

On Saturday, April 23rd we will be hosting a Neighborhood Greening raffle for 9 $1,000 Urban Tree Farm Gift Certificates.  Entry is limited to all previous voucher recipients.  If you are a rebuild homeowner who received one of our 24" boxed tree vouchers and you have additional landscaping needs, please complete the entry form below for your chance to win $1,000!  Entry forms must be submitted by 9pm Friday, April 22nd.   Limited to 1 entry per household.  

Entry submission period now closed.  Thank you! 

This project is made possible with grant funding from our partners at: 

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