The mature growth oak, redwood and flowering crepe myrtle trees were a beautiful feature of the neighborhoods that once occupied these streets.  Sadly, none of these trees survived the firestorm.  Trees are a crucial element to the greening of the environment, restoring the native habitat and increasing the quality of life for these burned-out communities.  This project will provide  native, drought tolerant trees for homeowners in this fire ravaged community.  

If you are a neighbor in the Larkfield area and wish to be considered for a tree click here.


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​One of the best things we can do to prepare for a disaster or emergency is to make a plan.  Many households and neighborhoods, including the ones in Larkfield, didn't have plans.  Through this project we will be able to encourage neighbors to get to know one another, make emergency plans, prepare emergency kits, stay informed of potential hazards and be involved in community recovery.  



Rebuilding a home and neighborhood takes extensive planning and thorough research.  Families who are rebuilding must comply with homeowner insurance guidelines, stringent building codes and green building standards.  They will face many decisions, delays and potential set backs.   This project will offer neighbors a resource to ask for help and recommendations along with an opportunity to collaborate and pool resources to lessen the financial strain of rebuilding.   It will take an entire community to ensure that these neighborhoods will return even better than before. 

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